On June 22, on the day of the summer solstice, on the shore of the bay, a fairy city will grow up, inspired by the sands of the Nevada desert, the Brooklyn day parties, and the traditional hippie culture of the island of Ibiza.
Odyssey Festival is a symbiosis of art, music, freedom, light energy, driving people and shaping the world around us.
More than 15 musicians from around the world will create a unique atmosphere of the festival
Mayan Warriors
Music director of the largest and odious camp of talented artists from Mexico Mayan Warrior, who five years in a row gather around themselves thousands of crowds at the cult festival Burning Man in the desert of Nevada.
Shambala Records
Izhevski is a resident of Moscow's Shanti Moscow Radio and Brooklyn All Day I Dream, a regular guest of the Burning Man festival
His releases are regularly released on All Day I Dream, and all mixes are available in the archives of Shanti Moscow Radio (http://www.shantiradio.ru/). The geography of the performances mainly covers the western hemisphere, from New York to L.A..
One of the brightest representatives of the music scene in Russia, his performances are eagerly awaited at both the Nevada desert, and in the industrial lofts of San Francisco and thousands of New York rooftops.
Simple Symmetry
Disco Halal
Simple Symmetry is Sasha Lipsky and Sergey Lipsky, two brothers born and raised in Moscow, united by their love for sound and motion, melodic expressionism and passion for escapism projected through a psychedelic musical journey.

From the basements and streets of Moscow Simple Symmetry have set out on their fantastic adventure to discover authentic musical treasures of people and cultures around the world and reframe them for the modern dance floor.

The pioneers of the genre chillrave are the apologists of the contrast mixture of shamanism and dj, imbued with oriental motifs and a soft but dynamic rhythm. Welcome guests at the Burning Man festival, in Berlin's Katerblau and the most iconic daytime activities in Europe and America.
Highway Records
DOYEQ is a unique live project, which consists of two people, Sergei Kulikov and Vitaly Bragin.
Thanks to his extensive knowledge and practical experience since 1997, in 2009 the musicians began their project of electronic music with deep sound. Many knowledge came from continuous research and experiments with sound. Everything DOYEQ does is an inimitable sound, built on a deep and powerful groove with an atmosphere that completely immerses listeners into music
A separate zone of the festival will be occupied by the city-fair CONCEPT MARKET - the first in Russia community that generates events aimed at promoting and developing conceptual fashion and design..

/ A R T
Interactive and light installations from Russian and foreign artists will create a small city, stepping over the threshold of which, we go on a journey where the inhabitants are fairy-tale characters, where music becomes a guide, and people unite create an atmosphere of celebration.

The territory of the plant-port Sevkabel, the former Karl Siemens plant, which has its own outlet to the water. We use an open area for the construction of the city and the terrace, and the large-scale territory of the workshop in case of rain and night activities.
Ticket Categories
ODYSSEY Festival
June 22 | Territory of the plant-port Sevkabel
Limited number of tickets in the amount of 100 pcs.
700 rub.
  • EarlyBirds
  • Access to the entire festival program
  • Access to all venues of the festival
Sold out
Gate enter w/costume or makeup
Available at gates
1 200 rub.
  • Access to the entire festival program
  • Access to all venues of the festival
Available at gates
  • Price at the gates will be higher
1500 rub.
  • Access to the entire festival program
  • Access to all venues of the festival (w/costume or makeup)
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VIP Ticket
  • Price at the gates will be higher
5 500 rub.
  • Access to the entire festival program (w/costume or makeup)
  • VIP zone Backstage Access to all venues of the festival
  • Make up artist
  • Treats and special attention of organizers
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For cooperation with the festival, please contact us by mail: info@odyssey.su
/Our mission
"Creating a new musical event for Russia about travel, art and freedom of self-realization based in St. Petersburg, a young but incredibly charismatic city with a spirit of romanticism and adventure."
Alexey Izotov
Art director, musician, producer, co-founder of the festival

Ask any questions you are interested by mail info@odyssey.su
or phone
+7 921 377 77 57
If I bought an e-ticket for the festival and did not take the printout of the ticket, will I be able to get to the festival?
If you bought a ticket on the site of the festival partner - radario.ru, then you can present your ticket directly from the smartphone screen for scanning the barcode. An e-ticket will come to your post immediately after payment.
Are there any restrictions on the territory of the festival?
The event has an age category of 18+. Also, it is forbidden to bring to the festival site stabbing or cutting objects, firearms, any self-defense weapon, gas cartridges, food and drinks, narcotic drugs and alcohol.
How to get there
The ODYSSEY Festival will take place on the territory of the Sevkabel plant-port, on the Vasilievsky Island in the city of St. Petersburg.
The nearest metro stations are Primorskaya and Vasileostrovskaya.
Contact phone: +7 921 377 77 57
E-mail: info@odyssey.su